How to Improve Your Fitness at Home

How to Improve Your Fitness at Home

How to Improve Your Fitness at Home

The gym doesn’t have to be the answer to your health and fitness goals.

We'd all love a membership at a great gym down the road with all the latest equipment and incredible trainers to get us into amazing shape and keep us that way. But for many people, it's a distant dream, as there's just too much to do at work and home along with running to the shops, travelling to meetings and everything else that makes up the hectic and oftentimes exhausting pace of modern life. Who has time for the gym?

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Showing that we may well have the right attitude about our health and fitness and want to work hard to get to peak levels, a survey earlier this year showed that Britons spend an incredible £4 billion on gym memberships a year that mostly go unused. It may be that at the start of the year, after the indulgences of the Christmas and New Year holidays, we're fired up to get to the gym and get in shape. But, sadly, the harsh realities of life soon come into focus and all those fitness aspirations just melt away.

There is, however, a solution. And actually, the latest science on fitness tells us that you don't need to pound away on the treadmill for long stretches to get fit when you can get the same results with short bursts of exercise, which you can do just about anywhere. It's entirely possible to get fit in your own home, without having to go to the gym at all. Here are some pointers.

Getting Sweaty

If you want to get fit, you've got to start moving more. That means raising your heart rate and body temperature so that you start to sweat — this is what cardiovascular exercises and fitness are all about. Before you even delve into working out at home, there are many things you can do in your house or flat that will get the heart thumping.

It could be a fast-paced vacuum or sweeping and mopping of floors; it might be running up and down the stairs to get to various rooms to clean them; it could also be something like mowing the lawn, if you have one, at a more rapid pace than you're used to, or even just quickly walking around as you do general maintenance. Deciding to renovate and perhaps paint a room or the whole place yourself instead of calling in the decorators would be a massive workout in itself.

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All this will certainly be good for your health and fitness level and keep you off the sofa. If the shops are nearby, consider walking or cycling instead of taking the car (you'll also be helping the environment, contributing fewer carbon emissions).

Online Inspiration

Thanks to the internet, there's so much fitness information and so many instructional videos that you never need set foot in a gym again. These days, it seems everyone is a personal trainer with their own YouTube channel, and that's great for those of us who want to work out at home. You can use simple and quick videos to do such workout basics as push-ups, squats and planks, and you can run on the spot for a few minutes to get your heart rate up and start to get fitter.

If you're into something more specialist or advanced, such as martial arts, you can also get martial arts training videos online that you can use to hone your techniques and get better, and fitter. Miss something? Just rewind and do it again — this is the big benefit of using videos for fitness and training, and there’s no pressure whatsoever.

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Out and About

When you're out shopping or doing anything else, it's a good opportunity to get some exercise in — not just all the walking around, which is good in itself, especially if it's done at a brisk pace, but also things like taking the stairs instead of the escalator or lift and not taking shortcuts but going the usual or even longer way to your destination. If you happen to be taking public transport, whether a bus, train or taxi, to where you're going, get off or out before you reach your destination to give your legs a bit of a workout.

There's so much we can do to improve our health and fitness at home and around it that there's no need to fixate about having to go to the gym to get fit — or find the time or money.

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