5 Muay Thai Pad Work Combination Drills for Elite Fighters

5 Muay Thai Pad Work Combination Drills for Elite Fighters

5 Muay Thai Pad Work Combination Drills for Elite Fighters

Although Muay Thai is Muay Thai, there are a huge variety of styles and approaches to be found within the coaching of it implemented across the world. Muay Thai pad work then is something that can be done in a number of different ways. Freestyle pad work, where the pad man leads by flashing pads or attacking, creates reactions in the fighter to help both his offensive and defensive strategies. Drill combination pad work is where the pad holder seeks to create a set sequence of skills or attacking/defensive mechanics in the fighter. Both have their place in the development of any would be fighter. Each individual coach or instructor though often has preferences for which they prefer to do most.

A photo of Damien Trainor demonstrating Muay Thai Pad Work

The featured coach is Damien Trainor, former World Muay Thai Champion, internationally renowned instructor and head coach at K-Star Legacy Muay Thai Gym in Birmingham. Damien is a much sought after coach (locally, nationally and globally) for not only his elite level Muay Thai but also for his phenomenal ability to train others and help maximise their effectiveness for striking in any combat sport or rule set. In the tutorial below Damien goes over 5 of his favourite Muay Thai pad work combination drills he likes to utilise when holding the pads for elite level fighters;

You can find more great tutorials from Damien such as these below on the Warrior Collective Youtube Channel;

For more information on Damien or any of the fantastic coaching available at K-Star Legacy Muay Thai Gym, please visit www.k-starlegacy.co.uk!

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