BJJ 101 - How to keep Mount whilst No Gi Grappling with Ed Ingamells

BJJ 101 - How to keep Mount whilst No Gi Grappling with Ed Ingamells

BJJ 101 - How to keep Mount whilst No Gi Grappling with Ed Ingamells

I think it is safe to say that some of the first things any student in BJJ is taught is how to escape and how to keep mount. The devil is in the detail though and there are many variations based around similar themes within this area. Highly renowned No Gi grappler Ed Ingamells understands all too well how differences between Gi and No Gi need to be taken into account when initially learning the fundamentals of keeping this dominant position. Even students with only a basic understanding of grappling need to be adapted for when trying to keep mount position. This obviously increases in difficulty, the higher the level of athlete you roll with.

A photo of Ed Ingamells from the blog post on how to keep mount in No Gi Grappling

Ed Ingamells

The featured coach is Ed Ingamells, Mill Hill BJJ black belt, ADCC Ireland Champion, NAGA Champion, IBJJF Champion and Scramble sponsored athlete. Ed is well renowned for his highly technical approach to grappling and is a much sought after coach as well as being an elite level BJJ athlete. He has had notable wins in some of the worlds most prestigious grappling competitions and has his eyes firmly set on developing ever further as a world class grappler.

BJJ - How to keep Mount in No Gi Grappling

Ed Ingamells covers some of his fundamental details on this topic in the video below


For more information on Ed, his gym or any of the fantastic coaching available with him, please contact him through his Instagram account or via his gym's website.

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