Common Mistakes with the Cross Punch in Boxing with Praise Vaughn

Common Mistakes with the Cross Punch in Boxing with Praise Vaughn

Common Mistakes with the Cross Punch in Boxing with Praise Vaughn

There is often a lot of coaching emphasis on what you should do with regards to training or learning techniques in Boxing but sometimes it is just as important to fully understand what you should not be doing as well. Instructors such as Praise Vaughn concentrate heavily on developing the fundamentals of their athletes by going over common mistakes such as those that can be found with the cross punch in Boxing.

A photo of Praise Vaughn as she demonstrates the cross punch in boxing

Praise Vaughn

The featured coach is top Canadian athlete, sports model and Boxing coach at the world renowned Diaz Combat Sports gym in Vancouver. Praise is a hugely popular coach in Vancouver and works with a lot of the top fighters that walk the doors of Diaz Combat Sports.

Common Mistakes with the Cross Punch in Boxing

Praise Vaughn covers some of her key coaching details regarding how to throw the cross punch and mistakes to avoid in the video below


For more information on Praise, Diaz Combat Sports or any of the fantastic coaching available with her, please contact her through the gym's website or her Instagram account.

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