How to Fight Taller Opponents in Muay Thai - Stage 1 Dismantling the Jab

How to Fight Taller Opponents in Muay Thai - Stage 1 Dismantling the Jab

How to Fight Taller Opponents in Muay Thai - Stage 1 Dismantling the Jab

It is well known that size difference with regards to height in Combat Sports can be a distinct advantage given that longer reach obviously makes some techniques much more effective. If you are a shorter fighter, you thus need to develop tactics and a framework so that you know how to fight taller opponents and be consistently effective.

The style of Muay Thai can play well for the taller fighter given that you have the ability to throw straight punches and kicks as well the option to work knees, elbows and clinch.

However, reach is not the be all and end all of fights. There are plenty of world class fighters who regularly give away height and weight to their opponents, and still walk away with dominant wins. Being able to deal with the most commonly utilised attacks by taller opponents is obviously one of the first steps to success!

The featured coach is Ashraf Uddin, multiple times British/European Muay Thai Champion, UK No 1 , renowned instructor and coach at the highly regarded London Shootfighters in London. Ash is well known for living up to his nick name "pocket rocket" by continuously having wins against much taller opponents throughout his phenomenal career.

Ash goes over a number of his favourite ways to get past the taller opponents jab when sparring/fighting Muay Thai in the tutorial below;

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