How to use the Spider Guard as a smaller Grappler in BJJ

How to use the Spider Guard as a smaller Grappler in BJJ

How to use the Spider Guard as a smaller Grappler in BJJ

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is well known for the assortment of guards it's practitioners utilise when grappling. The spider guard is one such position that is easier to access as a smaller grappler in BJJ. It has many variations, but its most common use is when the guard player holds both of his opponent’s sleeves while placing each of his feet on the adversary’s biceps (right foot on left biceps/left foot on right biceps), this allows the guard player more range of movement on his hips which coincidentally stops the guard passer from applying pressure or controlling his head.

Spider Guard

The spider guard is specific to the sporting aspect of BJJ with the use of the gi and demands from the guard player great grip and leg strength as well as good flexibility.

A photo of Helen Currie from her video on how to use the Spider Guard as a smaller Grappler in BJJ

Helen Currie

The featured coach is 3rd Degree BJJ black belt, first ever British woman to receive a black belt in BJJ and co-founder/co-head instructor of Combat Base UK, Helen Currie. Helen is internationally renowned as an instructor and well regarded as one of the trail blazers for female BJJ athletes/coaches within the UK.

Helen goes over the fundamentals of how to use in the spider guard in BJJ effectively as a smaller grappler in the tutorial below;

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