Muay Thai Tricks to Block and Counter like a Pro Fighter

Muay Thai Tricks to Block and Counter like a Pro Fighter

Muay Thai Tricks to Block and Counter like a Pro Fighter

When you start mixing it in training, sparring or competition with professional or world level fighters, simply knowing techniques is not going to be enough. You will need to develop a multi faceted tool kit with regards to how you are going to set up/land your offence, whilst at the same time ensuring you have a formidable defence. Muay Thai tricks are essentially the little details and movements used by those at the very top of the game to separate them from everyone else.

The featured coach is Paul Karpowicz, internationally renowned fighter, phenomenally talented athlete and head coach at 2 Technical Muay Thai in Reddish, Stockport. Paul is widely regarded as one of the most technically gifted fighters of his generation and has a very unique hybrid system, which he coaches to an elite level. In the tutorial below Paul goes over some of his favourite Muay Thai tricks/details he likes to use when blocking and countering in training, sparring or fighting as he trials the CoolTec Gloves from Sandee as part of our #coolninjaseries. For further information on these products, please visit Sandee at!

You can find more great tutorials from Paul such as these below on the Warrior Collective Youtube Channel;

To learn more about what I think of the Cool-Tec gloves from Sandee, check out the review here!

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