Scissor Knee Dutch Kickboxing Pad Work Flow Drill

Scissor Knee Dutch Kickboxing Pad Work Flow Drill

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Scissor Knee Dutch Kickboxing Pad Work Flow Drill

The Dutch Kickboxing system is well known as a high volume, aggressive and attacking style. The equal scoring emphasis on hands alongside kicks and knees in rule sets such as K1 have evolved their approach to both fighting and training. Although give and take drills are utilised a lot in training, there is a still a great appreciation for strong, fast paced Dutch Kickboxing pad work when a coach or experienced pad man is available to work with! It can be more frenetic than other styles and does take getting used to, both as a fighter and as a coach or pad man.

A photo demonstrating Dutch Kickboxing Pad Work

I have trained in striking based arts for over 2 decades now and because of close ties to Holland, I have been actively going there since I was a young boy. I have a long standing appreciation for the Dutch Style and utilise a lot of it within my own training/coaching. In the tutorial below I try out some of the excellent range of equipment available from punchdown (sent to me courtesy of whilst delivering a push back style pad work drill to set up the scissor knee;

You can find more tutorials from myself such as these below on the Warrior Collective Youtube Channel;

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