Tapping Bigger Guys with the Kimura in MMA / No Gi BJJ

Tapping Bigger Guys with the Kimura in MMA / No Gi BJJ

Tapping Bigger Guys with the Kimura in MMA / No Gi BJJ

Although Jiu Jitsu is well known as being an effective art when working against larger opponents, there are still some submissions which are still very difficult to succeed with unless the key points of the technique are understood inherently. The Kimura lock, also called double wristlock (catch wrestling), chicken wing or gyaku ude-garami (judo) is a grappling submission hold of uncertain origin, although catch wrestling and judo are the likely authors of the position.

In Brazilian jiu jitsu the submission bears the name of “Kimura” after the famous Masahiko Kimura who defeated Helio Gracie with this lock on the 23rd of October, 1951. The submission relies on isolating the shoulder and elbow joints with the use of a double wrist grip which allows for the attacker to apply leverage against both of these joints (though mainly the shoulder).

It is common for smaller or inexperienced athletes to struggle utilising the Kimura against larger opponents because if not done correctly, muscle, weight and leverage can soon nullify the submission.

The featured coach is Peter Irving, former professional MMA fighter, BJJ Black Belt, highly regarded UK Martial Artist and head coach of Itaipava Jiu Jitsu in Newcastle. Pete is renowned for his high level coaching and vast experience from across a massive range of different Martial Arts/Combat Sports disciplines.

Peter goes over some of his key concepts when looking to submit a bigger opponent with the Kimura in MMA or No Gi in the tutorial below;

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