Using the "Slot Machine" to Open for the Muay Thai Elbow in Fights

Using the "Slot Machine" to Open for the Muay Thai Elbow in Fights

Using the "Slot Machine" to Open for the Muay Thai Elbow in Fights

Although a Muay Thai Elbow is one of the most dangerous techniques a fighter can utilise in competition, they are not always the easiest strikes to land. This is often due to how close you have to be to your opponent in order to land one. Elite Nak Muay across the world develop their own bag of tricks, combinations and methods so that they can achieve this consistently when fighting. Guard breaking or stripping is the basis of the "slot machine" and is a hugely effective way of landing elbows against off balanced or stunned opponents.

A photo of Josh Palmer demonstrating a Muay Thai Elbow Technique

The featured instructor is Josh Palmer, former Intercontinental Thai Boxing Champion, top UK Pro Fighter and renowned instructor at Urban Kings gym in London. Josh is not only vastly experienced in the fight game, he is also very well travelled having trained at some of the best gyms across the world! In the tutorial below, he goes over one of his favourite guard stripping ways to open up an opponent for a Muay Thai Elbow when fighting, the "slot machine";

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