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This weekend we are launching our first-ever Warrior Collective Trading Card Series. We are super excited to be releasing them and for all the amazing benefits we'll be able to give owners in the coming months and years.

Each pack in Series 1 has a chance to include a token that you can redeem for real-world prizes. Win free t-shirts, Warrior Coins, Bundles and more.

Also, going forward, owners of the cards will receive other freebies from us depending on the cards you own. Legendary Cards, for instance, are more likely to receive bigger rewards.

More details on the rewards and prizes that will be available to card owners will be released in the coming weeks and months.

We are using the WAX Blockchain to host the cards as NFTs. If you are new to this there are clear instructions on this page. WAX is certified as Carbon Neutral

Lastly, the goal of this project is to make something fun. We all remember collecting trading cards as kids and we wanted to make our own cards for people to collect within the Warrior Collective community. The cards will give real-world rewards as well as be fun to collect, own share and sell on the marketplace.

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How to Purchase

3 Simple Steps to Buy Warrior Collective NFT Packs

  1. Get a Wax Web Wallet
  2. Purchase WAXP Tokens
  3. Make sure you have enough RAM in your wallet
  4. Buy Packs from our Drop website here

Full Guide for people new to WAX

  1. First, you need a wallet that supports the WAX Blockchain.
    1. Go to and sign up using your email or social media account
  2. Then you need to buy some WAXP
    1. Our packs are $9.99 each, so make sure you buy enough to cover the cost of the pack. We recommend getting at least 40 WAX to cover the costs of transaction fees (network fees)
      1. Buy using Credit/Debit Card
        • From
        • Click Buy WAXP
        • Then select MoonPay or Simplex
        • Follow the on screen instructions (MoonPay has a minimum of $30)
      2. Buy using an Exchange
        • Select any exchange that support WAX
          • Binance,, Bittrex, KuCoin, Huobi etc.
        • Login to your exchange and purchase WAXP
        • Select Withdraw
        • Find your WAX wallet address from the top right of It will look something like qnerc.wam which is the address we minted the NFTs from
        • Send the tokens to your wallet. They will arrive within 5-10 minutes
    2. You now have your WAX and you’re ready to purchase your packs.
      1. Click here to view our drop page and follow the onscreen instructions

You may need to add some RAM to your wallet to store your NFTs. We recommend doing this before the drop time to be safe. Don’t worry it’s easy.

    1. From
    2. Click on Resource
    3. Select RAM
    4. Then buy. You want to put around 4 WAX into RAM


How to claim Promo Packs

  1. Ensure you have at least 1KB of RAM in your wax wallet
  2. To get RAM follow the section marked IMPORTANT above.
  3. Click the link to the drop page
  4. Select ‘BUY NOW’
  5. Claim your free pack

How do I get RAM?

  1. From
  2. Make sure that you have some WAX in your wallet
  3. You can buy WAX from the top left.
  4. Once you have some WAX, click on Resource
  5. Select RAM
  6. Then buy. You want to put around 4 WAX into RAM

How to claim Rewards

  1. Click here and fill in your claim form
  2. You will receive an email back confirming your claim
  3. You will be told to send your TOKEN to gm and include a code in the MEMO
  4. Once you have sent your token your reward will be activated within 72 hours.


How to send a token?

  1. Go to
  2. Select NFTs
  3. Click the Token you wish to redeem
  4. Click Transfer
  5. Enter gm into the WAX Account field
  6. Enter the MEMO given to you via Email
  7. Send


How to open a pack

  1. Once you have purchased a pack
  2. Simply select open from
  3. View your cards in your inventory or via your cloud wallet


I opened a pack but I cannot see my NFTs

Check the ‘unclaimed packs’ section of the page. It is most likely that you skipped a step whilst opening and haven’t yet claimed your cards.


Can I sell my NFTs?

Yes, we recommend Atomic Hub or NeftyBlocks as marketplaces to sell NFTs. You can find them on the links below:


How do I know my NFT is real?

Only purchase NFTs under the collection name warriorcoll1 which was authored by qnerc.wam You will also see a white check mark next to the name so that you know that it is authorised.
The only official collection is