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  • David Breed, a 7th Dan Blackbelt and founder of Evade Blackbelt Schools, earned his first black belt before 16 and won various UK competitions in mixed disciplines. He competed globally with the national team and the 'Warriors' Fight Team, later participating in Kick Jujitsu.

    With 39 years of experience, David has trained numerous champions and over 200 black belts. His renowned academies have produced world champions, gaining international acclaim. A respected coach, David primarily teaches at his Manchester gym.

  • About

    David Breed 7th Dan Blackbelt Chief Instructor & Founder Evade blackbelt schools.
    He gained his first black belt before he was 16, and followed this with winning various competitions in mixed disciplines across the UK including Taekwondo, Thai boxing, Freestyle Karate and Kickboxing.

    Being selected for the national team led to him competing all over the world and being offered the chance to fight for the infamous ‘Warriors’ Fight Team. After which he started to compete in Kick Jujitsu, a fast paced blend of Kickboxing striking and Jiu Jitsu groundwork.
    Trained & produced numerous World, European and British champions and over 200 blackbelts.

    He has been training and teaching martial arts now for over 39 years. In this time he has travelled the world to compete against and train with the very best.

    The academies he has founded over the years have produced many world champions and black belts, establishing themselves as some of the UK’s premium studios with international acclaim.

    A highly respected and much sought after coach, David can often be found coaching at his personal gym in Manchester, UK.

  • David Breed
  • Accolades

    Kick Jiu Jitsu World gold medallist
    WAKO gold medallist & numerous national gold medals
    Shorai Middleweight champion
    Member of the Warriors (Top UK fight team)
    2 x UK Hall of Fame winner.