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  • Dutch-Moroccan kickboxer Hicham El Gaoui, known as 'The Magician,' competes in the cruiserweight division and has achieved global recognition as a World Champion. Ranked as a top ten middleweight, his titles include the 2015 WFL -84 kg Tournament Champion and 2014 Enfusion Live World Champion -80 kg. Residing in the Netherlands, Hicham is a highly respected coach, known for his Dutch high-volume attacking style. He has trained elite kickboxing talents like Mohammed Jaraya and Ilias Bulaid.

  • About

    Hicham El Gaoui, also known as Hicham 'The Magician' El Gaoui, is a Dutch-Moroccan kickboxer and K-1 fighter competing in the cruiserweight division. Born of Moroccan heritage, he has resided in the Netherlands for a long time and achieved global recognition as a World Champion Kickboxer. Combat Press ranked him as a top ten middleweight kickboxer between November 2021 and March 2022, with his highest ranking at #4.

    Hicham has an impressive list of titles to his name, including the 2015 World Fighting League (WFL) -84 kg Tournament Champion, 2014 Enfusion Live World Champion -80 kg (1 Title Defence), 2012 Tatneft Arena World Cup Runner-up -80 kg, and 2009 IFMA World Championships -81 kg Bronze.

    In addition to his competitive accomplishments, Hicham is also a highly respected and sought-after coach in the Netherlands. His Dutch style of high-volume attacking has garnered fans worldwide and can be seen in the world-class talent he nurtures. Among the elite kickboxing fighters he has helped develop are young fighters Mohammed Jaraya and Ilias Bulaid.

  • Hicham El Gaoui
  • Accolades

    Enfusion Kickboxing World Champion
    World Fighting League Tournament Champion
    Head Coach of Fighting Talents Gym