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  • Jamie Goulding started training Martial arts in 1983 in Shukokai Karate. From a young age he was well known as being the prodigy of UK Martial Arts and Karate legend Joe Tierney.

  • About

    Over a 27 year fight career he amassed 31 British Titles including WKA,WAKO,WUMA ,WMAC and many more in Sport Karate and Kickboxing. On top of this he also won a National title in Full contact kickboxing as well as 2 European Titles, 2 World Championship Titles and huge assortment of medals from regional to international level.

    Jamie was one of only 3 lightweights to take part in the Full Contact Open Weight Combat 32 Championships and ended up being ranked in the top 5 P4P best fighters in Europe. The list included current Bellator MMA sensation Michael ‘MVP’ Page.

    From the age of 18 Jamie had also started to study sport Jujitsu and submission wrestling as a hobby under internationally renowned coach Trevor Roberts. He later went on to achieving his 3rd Degree Black Belt in this discipline!

    Alongside competing, Jamie also opened up his own full-time gym, Gouldings martial arts in Bolton, where he has since produced over 500 British, European and World champions in styles ranging from Sport Karate and Kickboxing through to MMA and Submission Wrestling.

    His time as both an elite fighter and coach brought him to the attention of Hollywood, and thanks to top stunt co-ordinator Eunice Hutheart, he has moved into training both actors and stunt performers to help prepare them for their upcoming roles in action films. He has coached the likes of Hugh Jackman, Jason Mamoa, Daisy Ridley and Gal Gadot in Martial Arts as a result over recent years.

  • Jamie Goulding
  • Accolades

    WKA World Champion
    WAKO World Champion
    Founder and Head Coach of Goulding’s Martial Arts
    Internationally sought after Fight Choreographer