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  • Phil Nurse is a UK born European and British Muay Thai Champion. Currently residing in the US, he is one of the most sought-after striking coaches in the world today.

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    Phil’s first sporting love was with football but a leg injury playing at the age of 17 years old forced him to seek out other ways to rehabilitate and strengthen himself as a result. This led him to start training in Martial Arts.

    He initially began his Muay Thai journey with Jack McKeown before moving over to Sandy Holt and then Master Sken to help further his development within the sport. Phil quickly rose through the ranks of Thai Boxing, becoming European and British Welterweight Champion. His record to date is 32.3.0, with 15 wins by way of knockout. After drawing so much attention to his abilities in the Muay Thai circles around the world he decided to try Boxing. He attained some success on the British Professional Boxing Circuit while still actively competing in Muay Thai. With a record of 14-3-0, He climbed to number 11 in the UK.

    Phil spent three years as a professional boxer but ultimately realised that Thai Boxing was his life’s ambition and deserved his full attention. As a Thai Boxer, Phil has fought professionally in the UK, Italy, Hong Kong, Sweden, Switzerland and the US. Aside from his extensive fighting career, Phil is also hugely regarded for his skill as a coach.

    Although he opened his first full time Muay Thai gym in the UK in the early 1990’s, it is for his subsequent move to the US and opening of his New York City based gym in 1995, that he is most known for. From there, he has been involved with coaching the likes of UFC standouts George St Pierre, Jon Jones and Rashad Evans.

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