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  • As Coach Barry himself says, "boxing is an art". He has studied the sport maniacally, mastering its nuances and intricacies.

    His AMSB system and coaching philosophy have made him one of the most influential and successful coaches in boxing and combat sports history.

    Barry's mission to "train every style" has resulted in hundreds of world champions across all combat sports and his legacy will continue to inspire generations of coaches and fighters for years to come.

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    As the founder of A Million Styles Boxing, Barry Robinson has become one of the most respected and sought-after coaches in the martial arts world. His AMSB system has been used in professional boxing championship fights and UFC fights, resulting in coaching wins against some of the most legendary names in the industry, including the Gracie family, American wrestlers, and Jiu Jitsu icon Hatsu Hioki.

    But Robinson's influence extends far beyond the ring. As a pioneer in film study, he has dedicated himself to learning the martial art of boxing, sharing his knowledge and passion with students, fans, coaches, and fighters from around the globe.

    Robinson's journey in boxing began over two decades ago as an 11-year-old in New York City. Although he initially disliked the sport, he was inspired to start training again after watching the Mayweather vs. Corrales fight with his father in 2001. He soon found himself at the world-famous Gleason's Gym, where he re-entered the amateur fight scene and won several national level golden glove tournament fights. However, he eventually grew restless and wanted to mix up his training - a decision that would ultimately lead him down a path towards coaching.

    During one of his gym transitions, Robinson's coach stopped turning up, leaving him to lead all of the training sessions himself from that point on. This experience sparked his interest in coaching and led him to transition from primarily coaching fitness-based boxing sessions around New York to working exclusively with athletes and fighters overseas.

    With previous experience serving in the armed forces, Robinson began to systemize his approach to coaching boxing, creating his AMSB system. He has since taken this system to different countries, training not only elite level boxers but also world champion kickboxers, Muay Thai and MMA fighters.

    Robinson's AMSB system emphasizes the importance of having a broad set of skills, rather than mastering just one. He trains athletes for competition and specialises in working with mixed martial artists, kickboxers and Muay Thai fighters, realising that pure boxing doesn't always work for these fighters. By giving them every option and training them in multiple styles, their natural style and creativity can blossom on its own.

    Robinson's dedication to his craft and his ability to produce world-class fighters has earned him the respect of some of the biggest names in the combat sports industry. He has worked with legendary fighters such as Fedor Emelianenko, Gökhan Saki, Andy Souwer, Dan Hooker, Lawrence Okolie, and Sittichai Sitsongpeenong, to name but a few.

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    A million Styles Boxing Founder

    Coached hundreds of World Champions from across all combat sports