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  • Lyubo Kumbarov is a renowned wrestling coach originally from Bulgaria who was trained in a top sports school similar to the Soviet Union's approach to developing elite athletes. He won multiple national titles in Bulgaria and a prestigious award in Iowa before moving to the UK to focus on coaching. He has coached some of the UK's leading grapplers in wrestling, BJJ, and MMA, including Team GB's Olympic Wrestling team. Lyubo is highly sought after internationally for his technical approach to grappling.

  • About

    Lyubo Kumbarov is a world-renowned wrestling coach. Born and raised in Bulgaria, Lyubo is a product of one of the top sports schools located there, the CSKA. The CSKA was very similar in concept to the old Soviet Union style approach to developing elite athletes. Students live, study and train there full time in a bid to reach Olympic level.

    Alongside this extensive training in Eastern Europe, Lyubo was also invited out on a scholarship to wrestle in Iowa state in the US for over a year. Here, he went onto win the prestigious Iowa state Wrestler of the Year Award for all his competitive successes whilst living there. Having also won 4 National titles within Bulgaria, Lyubo then decided to move to the UK in order to switch focus from competing to coaching.

    Since relocating to the UK, Lyubo has been involved in coaching some of the UK’s leading grapplers from Wrestling, BJJ and MMA, including the likes of Roger Gracie and Frederic Vosgrone. Recently appointed as one of the main coaches to Team GB’s Olympic Wrestling team, Lyubo continues to be highly sought after internationally for his highly technical approach to grappling.

  • Lyubo Kumbarov
  • Accolades

    4 x Bulgarian National Champion

    Iowa State Wrestler of the Year Award Winner

    Team GB Wrestling Elite Performance Coach